Missing Letters


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01 ML

In these paintings different letters of the alphabet are usually missing. The entire alphabet is never all there. People go through life thinking there are things missing in their lives (the missing letters) and that life would be so much better “if only I had ___________.” In reality, if we look around at what we have, we have quite a bit and there really isn’t much missing.

The letters, although creating balance to the paintings, are jumbled and mixed up to show all of the things we contend with everyday.

The tall people are tall so they can look over and above all this chaos in the world. They have learned not to let everything they are bombarded with on a daily basis interfere with their lives and the things that are important to them. They realize what they have is pretty good.

In most cases the arms are missing or partially hidden on the characters. For some reason even when we have the capability to reach out for help when we really need it, we hesitate to do so. Our friends and neighbors want and are willing to offer assistance, but we withdraw (the hidden arms) and won’t let them know how they can help.

The people in the paintings can be anyone you want them to be. Hopefully, you!